By Act No. 320/2016 Coll. as of 1 April 2017, the Transport Infrastructure Access Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Authority) was established with its seat in Prague. The Authority is a separate central body of state administration, independent in terms of organization, functions, hierarchy and decision-making. The Authority is independently financed from the state budget.


The Authority is a regulatory body established under Article 55 of Directive 2012/34 / EU. Its main activity is the regulation of access to the railway traffic path, the regulation of access to services, including dispute resolution, and price control in the area of railways. The performance of the function of regulator in rail transport forms the most extensive part of the Office's agenda.


In the field of air transport, it acts as an independent supervisory authority in accordance with Article 11 of Directive 2009/12 / EC. In this area, the Office's task is to ensure a transparent and non-discriminatory procedure in the negotiation of airport charges and to control non-discriminatory access to the provision of airport services. In the Czech Republic, this only applies to Václav Havel Airport Prague, operated by Letiště Praha a.s.


In the field of roads, the Office acts as a conciliation body under Article 11 of Decision 2009/750 / EC. It performs an advisory and mediation function in the negotiation of contracts between the operator of the European electronic toll service and the operator of the national toll system. In particular, it concerns the assessment of non-discrimination and transparency of contractual conditions (conciliation body). However, the European electronic toll service has not yet been introduced.